Sunday, October 9, 2011

Moving along

Our last house took an entire year to build.  An entire year.  So the fact that we broke ground July 7 and are now almost done blows. my. mind.  And of course makes me happy.  Here's the recent progress:


And stone!

Finish work is done.  Mark worked his tail off doing the entire house by himself, among other things.  
We had seen this door casing at a lot of entries in the Parade of Homes, and in Mark's brother's house, so he replicated it. I love it!  Before paint:

And after:

For some reason I decided to paint the laundry room a different color (momentary insanity?), but our painter was going to charge $100 bucks just to change color in his sprayer.  I was cursing myself almost the whole time, mostly when I peeled back the painter's tape and there went the ceiling color with it.  ARG!  But I like the way it turned out.  I straight copied Shelley at House of Smith's laundry room color. :)

Sami's room.  I found this chandelier at Home Depot for $26 so I could not pass it up.  The board and batten wall turned out so cute and I love the color of the wall (it's a bit off in this photo but it's basically a bright pinky purple).

Just a few more touches and then electrical is finished.  This is the breakfast nook with my most favorite light in the house.

And finally, this mother.  We got this puppy for free (that's an $800 door folks) but weren't crazy about the color.  So again, my momentary insanity helps me to decide to sand and stain it.  Yesterday I sanded for over FIVE HOURS--with a power sander-- and I am still not finished.  The end result better be gorgeous or I'm going to be very bitter.  I'll post the final look when I am finished.

Kitchen cabinets are delivered tomorrow and Mark will finish the hard wood and tile in the next couple of weeks, so look for more updates!


  1. Love the door casing and congrats on the SMART decision to hire a painter. I told Dan I could totally paint the basement myself (I was being cheap that day) and guess what is still not done being touched up a year later? Misery...I wish I would have just paid someone!!

  2. Wow! Everything looks great! Love it! So excited for you. Some day I want Mark to build us a house too. :)

  3. Looks fantastic. I can't wait to see it.