Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Buried--And What I've Been Pinning

I've been gone for awhile.  We finished our house and moved in and instead of giving you all the boring details of how behind/unorganized/scattered I feel, I'm just going to jump right into some new posts.

Lately I've been addicted to Pinterest.  If you want to follow me click here:

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Here are some fun things I've pinned lately:
  • Cute hairstyle tutorials from The Small Things Blog.  Seriously, her stuff is darling and here's the kicker--they are totally doable.  Even for a hair-styling-impaired person like myself.  I'm going to try this half french twist this Friday night for our annual Christmas dinner.  I've also done this and this recently and love them!

  • Doesn't this candy cane trifle from the The Scrap Shoppe Blog look amazing? I'm going to make it Christmas Eve.  YUM!

  • The fashion on Pinterest is so inspiring.  I have yet to actually copy an outfit, but I'm always drawn to the more casual looks that still look put together--something that seems like such a challenge for me lately:

  • I somehow stumbled upon Sara at The Yellow Cape Cod, and I love her style.  I'm thinking about incorporating a lot of her ideas into our new house, particularly these striped drapes:

  • And finally, a little humor:

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