Monday, August 6, 2012

My Mini-Me and an Ice Cream Cone Cake

Last week my daughter turned 4 years old.  I was so excited all morning for her and kept calling her the birthday girl--even put sprinkles on her waffle.
Gotta love the expression.  So all of a sudden she says to me, "Please stop saying it's my birthday."  I was like ok whatever, I can play it cool.  Then I suddenly had to laugh because that is exactly what I would say!  Literally.  I was kind of worried (not really worried, but you know concerned) that she wasn't going to enjoy her day. A few hours later she was talking about her party and excited so I was relieved to see that she was in fact still 4.  Not on the verge of being in her mid 30's.  :)  
The day of her actual birthday we went to her restaurant of choice for dinner (McD's.  Where else?) and then gave her her big gift.
 Here it comes....
 A new bike!  She was so surprised.  We kept asking her what she wanted for her birthday but she'd always say she didn't know.  So we got to do whatever we wanted.
 She loved it!
Then that weekend I did the most low-key (and easiest!) birthday party ever.  We met all of our family at a park, let the kids play, and did cake and ice cream sundaes.  It was a lot of fun and it felt great not to be worried about details, games, decor, etc.  I need that once in awhile.


Dad brought her flowers on her birthday and I so wish this photo was focused right!  Arg! Yes the hubby wears neon at work.  He's so on trend. lol
Happy Birthday baby girl!

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