Monday, September 10, 2012

Hawaiian Vacation: Day 4

I think Day 4 was when we were finally feeling the speed of the trip catch up with us. (seriously, how old am i???) It was also the day I was a complete idiot.  More on that later.  We started out in Kailua which is on the east side of the island.  The drive to Kailua alone is amazing--those mountains are massive and so cool.
The beach is a bit windy, but gorgeous, and we barely got the last parking spot.  White sand and clear blue water, it was awesome.  We applied sunscreen as usual and here is the part where I am a complete idiot.  I didn't apply anything to my, yeah.  I had a lot of fun swimming and playing in the sand like a little kid.

Then we headed to a hike called Maunawili Falls.  It is not a very well marked trail (to drive there or on the hike) so that is probably one of the things that made me nervous.  If there hadn't been experienced people on the trail we would've had no idea which way to go in some spots.  Besides that it is a beautiful hike--you feel like you are deep in the jungle.  At least it's beautiful until you get there and some lady blows cigarette smoke at you.  Arg.  That was gross.  Then we went into the falls and saw/smelled the people smoking weed.  Lovely.  For awhile there I felt like I had been planted into the teenager hangout of the island and I sooo did not fit in.  I felt really old (again, what's up with me feeling old?  I am not liking this pattern). Moving on, the falls are pretty cool but that water was FR-EEZING.  We watched people jump for awhile and I was going to do it but chickened out.  Next time I swear I will do it! Because I've decided there will be a next time.
The falls look tiny in the below pic, but they are bigger than they look.

Here is when my face started to feel like it had peeled off.  And I looked like a freakin leather suitcase.  It hurt.  
We drove back over to Honolulu and stopped for dinner at Nico's at Pier 38.  This place was delicious and of all the places I ate, I recommend this one the most.  It is right on the pier and almost all of the food is fresh wild Hawaiian caught fish.  I had fish tacos and passion fruit cheesecake for dessert, and my hubby got fish and chips.  It was all outstanding.

That's pretty much it for Day 4!

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