Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fall Around Here

Let it be known that I actually cleaned my crock pot on the same day that I used it.  The old "it needs to soak awhile" is always my stand by excuse.  But not today people! I think this means I'm making strides in the cleaning department.  Ok, I haven't vacuumed in a week, so maybe not.  Anywho, I had made a roast with potatoes, carrots, you know the typical pot roast meal.  A very comforting, autumny type of meal and it was delicious.  I had piled my plate with all of the above and left it sitting on the counter.  My little Bud, who had been helping me set the table, took the entire thing and dumped it on the ground.  And  I couldn't freak out because he was only trying to help.  So I took a picture. I think that is the answer to all of life's problems.
Also, each day I have a couple of killing sprees with flies and spiders (seriously, our fly problem this year is baaad).  Walked through the kitchen there was a GIANT, HAIRY spider on my KITCHEN COUNTER. Then later that same night my son brought me a dead giant, hairy spider in his BARE HANDS...I about died on the spot. I kill about 5-7 flies PER DAY.  And the fly paper in the garage?  I can't walk by it without gagging. (Enough CAPS LOCK for you?)  My point? Bring on the snow.  Mounds of it.  LOADS of it. So much that I can't get out the driveway. I am done with bug season.

Oh and I got a haircut.  After one long year (yes I went a year without a haircut--out of cheapness really, not trying to make a statement) I finally chopped a good 3 inches off.  It should have been more...but baby steps.  Here is a horrible "after" photo and no my hair is not purple.  Not quite sure how that hue got injected into the photo but there it is.
Hope you're having a great October like we are!

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  1. your hair totally looks purple! as if you didn't know.

    also, not sure if it makes you feel better, but we get crickets around here. tons and tons of crickets. i don't know which is worse: flies or cricket, but i'm with you. C'MON ON COLD.