Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fancy Nancy Party

We just attended my niece's 4th birthday party and I had to share some of the cute details.  I know my sister in-law was on a very limited budget, but I think it turned out so darling.  And if your little girl doesn't know about Fancy Nancy, fix that, asap!  It is a darling series!

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  1. Yeah for a new blog! I've thought about doing another blog before, but never actually followed through with it :o) I can barely keep up these days witth the one I have. By the way, the party that you did for Sammy that you posted about on your other blog was darling! So cute. Sometimes I really wish my daughter was more of the princess type, just so I could throw a big princess party. But she's not. So, I guess we shall stick to horses and such. Good luck with the home building too! Fun, fun.