Thursday, September 22, 2011

The House that We Built

We are in the midst of a huge building project.  Sometimes I pinch myself--I can't believe we are building another house.  We've had so many arguments discussions about each and every detail. Building can be such a headache, I can see why people just purchase from a builder.  And as painstaking as it can be sometimes, I realized today how blessed I am to have this opportunity and to have options and choices.
Right now we are in the midst of picking paint colors, tile, and pretty soon carpet.  I can't believe we are getting so close to the end!  YIPEE!!!
Here are some pictures of what the house looks like right now.

Sorry for the crappy iPhone photos! We had virtually no light at that point.


  1. How exciting! I loved building my house....I would build 10 more if my husband would let me :) It's pretty cool to see such a big project like that come together. Good luck with picking all your finishing touches!

  2. You look so pretty, Amber! How exciting you're building another one. That's really awesome.