Monday, January 21, 2013


Well it's been two months since I last blogged.  I don't know what it is lately but when I go to click on blogger I have this "ick" reaction.  But be assured we had a great holiday and even though January is being its usual cruel self to us, we are doing OK.   We've spent the last week cooped up at home, all of us sick (me even in bed for 2 days which is realllly hard with kids) and miserable.  But I think we are finally on the upswing.
(Oh and we woke up this morning to no water.  So double yay! Fortunately my handy hubby figured it out--our water meter was completely frozen--and fixed it within an hour.  It's hard to go without water even that long!)
So our big news is that sometime before Halloween we found out that I am pregnant.  Baby #3! And I know, I know, remember that post about me not wanting more kids?  Well I just couldn't shake the feeling we were supposed to have another one.  As much as I fought it I just felt like I needed one more.  And I know why I put it off for awhile.  Because everyone acted like if I have a 3rd child, I had to have a 4th.  Because you can't have an odd number of kids!  What about when you go to Disneyland?!  Who is going to sit by themselves on the rides??!?!
Well I finally came to the conclusion that I am not planning my life around a freakin trip to Disneyland.  I'll have 3 kids and everything will be fine.  After all, I grew up the oldest of 3 kids, and no, my life wasn't torn apart every time we went to Disneyland.
So there is no pressure to have 4.  None at all.
Aaaaaaaanyway we found out a couple of weeks ago that it is a boy and I am soooo happy.  Because holy lands, is my daughter hard.  Last night we had scones for dessert and she ran to her room BAWLING because hers didn't have enough butter on it.  We just stared at each other like,  "What just happened?" She is the only girl I can handle.
Baby boy is due the end of May.  And I already feel HUGE.  You know those darling girls that get pregnant and look like they have a little basketball stuck under their shirt?  Yeah that is so NOT me.  I am a beast when I am pregnant.  A huge, fat, ugly, hormonal beast.  So here goes! Another four months until I feel human again!

Man, I sound so maternal.

Because I hate photo-less posts, here are some from our Christmas.

Oh and my brother got home from Afghanistan, safe and sound!  It is such a relief.  I just wish his home wasn't across the Pacific!  Can't wait to see him in March when they come out here.


  1. congrats! but you know i understand about ugly preggo, right? not that i think you are, or even know. but i am not cute-basketball-preggo either, so don't worry. and congrats on another boy. seriously, no worries on three. of course you'll be fine and have a lovely a family, even if it is "odd."

  2. Yay for boys! And for families with 3 kids!

  3. haha I had a good laugh at this. Why do a lot of us feel pressured to have an even number of kids and all of these "norms" people come up with.... buncha poppycock :) i'm not sure what that word really means but it's fun to say haha ;) SO happy for you guys, congrats on the baby boy!! I need to see you soon! btw you look gorgeous in the photo!

  4. 3 young-uns are the best and . . . fyi, perfect for Disneyland, since most of the rides are for 5 people. Even better, you don't have to get a mini-van, and more than 5 people on a church bench tends to be a bit crowded. Congrats! P.S. ALWAYS plan your life around Disneyland. It's still my #1 vacation spot and definately the Happiest Place on Earth!

  5. Okay, so I've been stalking your blog ever since you left a comment on mine and I saw that your sister in law is Heidi! I went to high school with her! I always thought she was such a cute girl! Small world, eh?