Monday, February 18, 2013

word vomit

I am seriously dying to get outta dodge.  In general I enjoy having a winter season.  But every year I hit this point where I'm just DONE with the cold weather.   I've been looking at Vegas hotels and wow, talk about cheap!  It would cost us almost twice as much in fuel as the hotel.  I don't care if all we did was take the kids to the park to play ALL DAY, as long as I'm not cooped up in the house. (is there a kids park in Vegas?  I think there has to be.)

Also, we got a new TV.  60" to be exact.  It's still sitting on the ground in the box and it's been that way for 3 weeks.  We want to hang it on the wall in our family room, and I have been busy looking and looking (and looking some more) for a piece of furniture to go underneath it.  This is going to be the death of me!!!  We could do the cheap cheap version and get something ugly and not what we really want but it's good for now.  Or I could do the cheap route and redo a piece of old furniture I find off of Craig's List.  We could get a moderately priced piece at the local furniture place (but it wouldn't really be the dimensions we want, and probably not the color--we need something taller than the standard out there).  Or we could pay out the yang and get something custom made.  As in the exact dimensions we want, color we want, doors/drawers we want.  Part of me thinks what a great investment piece it would be, and I would have it for years and years.  Another part of me thinks, who am I? Donald Trump?  I don't have that kind of money.    Also it terrifies me to pick furniture.  I'd rather have all my crap stuff and have it be ugly, then actually invest in something and have it not work.  Sigh.  Why can't I just be blessed in the decor/style department?  Help.

Sleep.  Do you fall asleep easily?  On a good night it takes me 20 minutes.  The more pregnant I get the longer that gets.  But my, he can fall asleep in seriously 3 SECONDS.  We'll be chatting, trail off, and then zzzzz.  I'm like seriously?  We were JUST talking.  If I could choose a super power it would hands down be to fall asleep at a lightning speed pace.

Made a cake yesterday.  With crushed Oreos on top.  And it was good.  I think I'll go have a piece.

And because I can't have a picture-less post, here's a pic of my girl with the cake she decorated 100% by herself for her dad's birthday.  I think she was going for snakes...


  1. You should totally get out of town and go to Vegas! You can go to the pool all day and for sure there are parks! I say got for it. Also, I have always had a hard time falling asleep, and I aint preggo! So when that happens, I am screwed! haha. With Jason's 60" we bought a cheapo one, and it sags because it can't hold the whole weight. I say get something off craigslist and paint it, or do something custom. Everything else is pretty lame or just as expensive as custom anyway. Marks' handy...make him make it! HA! :) Love ya! See you soon!


  2. I totally hear ya about the cold- it needs to stop snowing now! I was so glad to have the chance to go to AZ last month, it really did wonders for me! :) I say our new tradition is taking most vacations in the winter or get a winter home- ha yea right for either, but I can dream :)

    Have you tried looking at Rod Works? That's where I got my table under our tv- skinnish, tall and quite a few drawers, love it! It was a lil high up north in price- 250 i think.... but it was my anniversary/christmas/valentines gift combined haha it was a good splurge.

    Happy Birthday to Mark! I'm sure that snake cake was his favorite ;)

  3. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! I read baby wise a few weeks ago and have been trying to follow it- he has mostly good nights (where he wakes up to eat and change a diaper & it lasts about an hour) and bad nights (where he wakes up to eat & change diaper and then thinks its play time & that lasts about 2-3 hours). I'm hoping the babywise method works for us! :)
    I totally hear you on the cold too - being cooped up with a newborn has been maddening! I'm so worried about him getting sick though, so we've stayed in! I'm so ready for spring/summer!