Friday, April 5, 2013

Hi, What's Your Name?

I feel like I start every blog post with "sorry I've been MIA". has been awhile.  And we've been working on a few home decor projects that I can't wait to share with you.  Unfortunately I don't have pics uploaded, so those will have to wait.  I just wanted to check in and say hi.
The only baby bump picture you will get from me. :)
I'm currently 31 weeks along in my pregnancy and counting down to baby #3.  It's a bit scary, but really I'm so excited to meet this little guy.  And get this pregnancy over with.  :)  Is it weird I just want to run? Like even just a block.  It sounds so good to me right now.  To move without waddling or wincing.
Today at the park I noticed my super shy daughter instantly making a new friend.  And it's got me thinking how funny it is that it happens every time when we go to the playground.  Kids instantly go up to each other and after quick introductions are playing like they've known each other for years.  I wish I could do that with the other moms.  "Hi what's your name?  Want to play? OK!"  But it's not quite like that.  Once you make that crossover into motherhood, or even adulthood for that matter, it's hard to make new friends.  Although I think it might just be me.  Like my daughter, I'm pretty shy (hmmm, wonder where she gets it from?).  Ever since we moved into our new house, and new area, I keep thinking that I really need to find a friend.  Motherhood can be lonely if you don't have some sort of network.  I need a good friend who's also a mom, and one that has kids the same age as mine, and one who likes to do the same things as me and has the same sense of humor.  That's not too much to ask is it?  I just feel so dumb trying to meet people.  I feel like she's too trendy, she's not in the same stage of life as me, her kids are much older, her kids are too young, does she even have kids, she won't like me, she already has 3 best friends and I wouldn't fit in, etc. etc.  Phew.  Every now and then I hang out with my high school friends or my sister in laws, and it is so easy.  Our kids get along and nothing in our friendship feels forced.  But that time with them makes me wish I had that closer to home (my HS friends and I are spread out about an hour apart).
Now I know this sounds really pathetic like I'm the wallflower in the corner with no friends.  And I guess I am. I'm finding comfort in the fact that no one really reads this blog...but I'm curious how people out there find that one friend they can call up any day of the week and say 'meet us at the park'.

I don't mean for this post to be a downer but it's just been weighing on my mind lately.  Glad I have this weekend to relax and recharge, despite the pouring rain.


  1. not a downer...just real! and sometimes this is how life is. well, i guess all the time life is real, except for when you win prizes. that never feels real. anyway, i totally get this. making friends is so hard. and of course i felt this when i was younger, but am surprised at how much it still plagues me. i wish i had some good advice, but i don't. is it enough to know you're not alone in this?

  2. I read your blog! :) And yeah- funny how some things never get easier even as you get older. I too wish I could be like my kids and just start playing with other kids and not care what they think. How would that be?

    Too bad we aren't closer- I'd love someone to go to the park with! Guess we will just need to plan some play dates- or go camping or boating in whatever toy you guys have around at the moment hehe

  3. You are less alone in this than you think, Amber! I've always felt like that too! I usually feel like I'm not cool enough, too weird, too young, too immature, not smart enough etc... and often don't feel I fit in in several gatherings. There are certain people who I can just click with and I feel like to them, my age doesn't matter, nor does it matter that i've been married less/more years than them or that my kids are just a tad younger or older (if they play together great, why does age matter!) ... just as I feel.. age doesn't matter to me, nor a number of other things.. as long as it doesn't matter to them so we can both feel comfortable together and want to get together more. :) Trust me, this issue is usually on my mind... just ask Tim hah

    I love hanging out with ya, and feel bad that stupid sickness keeps ping ponging between us, making eve more time pass by til we see each other. But I'm serious... if I'm not completely weird to you (haha) call/text me ANYTIME, we're always looking for things to do with fun people like you guys. We love the Luce's :)

  4. sorry... another thought.. :) I think feeling accepted from others is an important factor.. i think both people feel comfortable because they feel accepted as they are.