Monday, April 16, 2012

Motivating Monday: Blah Edition

I am feeling so blah this week.  Did not weigh in for that very reason.  I was not ready to face the consequence of eating like crap all week.  I'm thinking that one "free" day made me feel so constricted that I already rebelled.  It's so utterly ridiculous.  I can either not eat junk AT ALL, or go to the completely opposite side of that spectrum.  Why can't I just be normal for once?  Feeling pathetic.  Feeling upset.   That's all for now.  (Sorry, Debbie Downer much?)

Also, it's my 7 year anniversary today (I guess that would be our anniversary). We're keeping it low key and going out to dinner tonight without the kiddos.  Yay for not cooking on a Monday.  Also, we're thinking of going on a little trip.  Let's hope it happens.


  1. Hey Amber it's Amanda Robinson! I havent talked to you guys forever. I just have to tell you how much I love your blog. I get so many great ideas from it. So Im sorry you arent having a good motivating monday but you motivate my life so thanks!!! Tell Mark Hi from Rob, he still misses having Mark next door! Oh and your kids are sooo cute!

    1. It is SO good to hear from you Amanda! Tell Rob hi from Mark too. We like our neighbors at our new house, but you'll always be one of our favorites! Miss you guys!

      And if you ever start doing hair again let me know! You are irreplaceable!