Thursday, April 19, 2012

7 Super Shots: Travel Edition

Saw this tag on another blog, and wanted to give it a try.  Now I haven't traveled very much since the kidlets joined my life, so I may be going back a few years with some of these.
Also, blogger hates me today and is only letting me center certain pictures, format certain text and not others, and I am beyond aggravated right now.  Sorry, it does not look pretty.

1st: A photo that takes my breath away.
On our honeymoon in Maui.  I love seeing ocean straight to the horizon.

2nd: A photo that makes me think.
Goblin Valley.  Every time we take a trip to Moab we stop here, and it always makes me think how on earth did those rocks make such crazy formations?  And yes, it was windy!

3rd: A photo that makes me dream.
My daughter and her dad up in Park City. I just love this photo, and can't believe how fast time has flown.
4th: A photo that makes me laugh.  There's a tie for this one.

Look at us.  The day after we got married, on our flight to Maui.  And I laugh at this only because we didn't know what was ahead of us.  We fell asleep our first day at the beach (prior to applying sunscreen) and basically deep fried our poor bodies.  My hubby's was the worst--as in puss dripping down his back at night while he lay in bed.   I got cold sores on my face.  Blisters.  Puss.  Not ideal for a honeymoon.  Believe it or not, we did manage to have a great time.

On a little road trip with my girlfriends, I got pulled over for speeding in Nebraska.  I was going 10 OVER THE SPEED LIMIT.  Where I come from if you don't go 10 over the speed limit you get run off the road.  I guess they take their speed limit seriously in Nebraska.  It gave us a good laugh. :)

5th: A photo that makes my mouth water.
Not really travel related.  But this Cheesecake Factory dessert does make my mouth water.

6th: A picture that tells a story.  
I could have picked soooo many different things for this one but decided on this picture.  My parents took all 9 of us to San Diego.  We rented 2 cars but when going to places like Sea World, only wanted to pay to park 1 car.  We crammed 7 adults and two baby girls in one minivan.  It was hilarious.  You can see my brother Jason's hand coming from up off the floor.  This photo just makes me laugh.  Fun times.

7th: A picture I'm most proud of.
Ok, I'm not really most proud of this picture, although it is nice (somewhere in the mountains near Marysvale, Ut), what this promt made me realize is that I haven't traveled since I bought my Nikon.  As in over 2 years ago.  Sad!  And even more reason to plan some trips this summer.

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  1. glad you tried 7 Super Shots out! Maui truly is a the most beautiful place I've been, too:) I really didn't want to leave and just live there....why not right?!?!

    I've never heard of Goblin Valley before...kind of reminds me of the Badlands.

    I think Fall is the best season because of all different colors from the your fall pic!!!

    Have a great Friday! So glad the weekend is here:)