Friday, May 25, 2012

A Tutorial and a Warning: Excessive Use of the Word Ball

I've been looking for cute ways to spice up my daughter's room (because the bright pinky-purple walls and board & batten wasn't enough!) so when I saw some hanging flower balls at a local baby boutique I knew I wanted them!  As they were way out of my price range, I decided to make some myself and do them a little bit smaller.  After googleing (that's a word right?) and searching for ways to make them I couldn't find anything--which really surprised me because this seems like something that would be out there in blog land (it very well could be I just didn't find it). My sister in-law told me how someone she knew had made them and we found a place to buy all the flowers. So off I went.....actually a year ago I started and am just now finishing! Yay for procrastination.  So here's what you need:
A styrofoam ball in the size of your choice, hot glue gun, ribbon (I used regular old white grosgrain in 3/4") and let's pretend that container of tacks is actually push pins.  I used push pins on the other two balls I made but after our move I couldn't find them so I had to settle with the tacks.
 Oh and you need flowers.  I buy them in bulk here for super cheap.
 Since I want the hanging piece to be built into the ball I hot glued a realllllly long piece of ribbon all the way around the ball like so:
Then I put push pins or tacks all the way around to ensure it was secure.
 All the flowers I bought have a built in small stem so I use that to poke a hole, fill with hot glue, then attach the flower.

 Then keep working....
 Until you are done!
 Easy peasy!  We used these hooks to attach them to the ceiling:

I might make my hubby take the hooks down and spray paint them white, but other than that I love it!  So fun for my little girl's room.
Sorry horrible bad night-time lighting but you get the idea.
Have a great Memorial Day weekend!  We are celebrating my baby's 2nd birthday.  Time with this kid has absolutely flown by, and I love him to pieces.

I Heart Nap Time

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