Friday, May 4, 2012

Top Ten Projects

I know I just disappeared for awhile but I'm back!  Can you contain your excitement?  I can't!  I'm coming back to share with you the top ten projects for our humble abode (taking a cue from this stylish blogger--seriously I'm obsessed with her playroom and her whole house for that matter).  Our house is wonderful, but honestly it has absolutely zero decor/style/evidence that humans live here.  There's nothing on the walls, nothing on the beds, everywhere you look: nothing.  So I'm ready to change that.  Here are the projects we want to tackle in the next year in no particular order.

Entry from the garage:  We want to do a faux mudroom type of thing here with a bench, hooks, and boxes for our shoes that are always piled high as we come inside.
 Breakfast nook: I'd love to do some sort of bench seating here with storage and pillows, also a new table some day.
 This is the spot we are currently working on.  The bench seat has proven to be a huge pain--mostly because I have no idea how to do it.  I mean I could slap something together and have it look ok, but I want it to look nice.  I don't think that's too much to ask.  Also I want to style this mantel somehow...possibly a family picture or sunburst mirror, and some other cool finds for the shelf.
 Kitchen back splash: we are probably going to tile this area, but it's going to take some cash so we'll be waiting on this for awhile.
 Front Entry: Oh this entry.  I have NO IDEA what to do here.  But it is so blah and plain I've got to do something!  Yes that is my beautiful door.  Love her.
 Entertainment center: I'll either redo this piece of furniture OR we'll get a new piece to go underneath the giant TV we'll buy.  Yeah, I'll probably be redoing this.  Just not sure on the color.
 Laundry room: We need to put a counter top on the cabinet, add upper cabinets, and make some sort of basket shelving for the end of the room.  This room is a pretty good size so I'm excited for its potential for complete organization.
 Hallway to the bedrooms: I'm not sure if I would dare to do this but I think it could be amazing.  I also have a gallery wall type of thing in mind for this space.  Something like this, this, or this.  Which reminds me, our little family really needs to get family pictures done.
 The girl's room: Her room has the most decoration out of the whole house, but I still have a couple of things I want to do in here.  Curtain tie backs, hanging flower decor, and more pictures on the wall.  
 Master bedroom: This is the room that I've neglected since we got married.  Before kids we got our bed,  bedding, nightstands, and an ottoman that goes at the foot of the bed.  But since then I have done zero to spice it up.  I need to bring some life to this space and I have a few ideas.  Redoing our dresser like this.  Adding some molding to the walls like this.  And then more pillows, more interesting lamps, window treatments, and furnishing our reading nook area.
Oh man this list is daunting (the things I could do if money were no object).  But I'm going to try not to get discouraged.  Just take each space at a time and do what we can, when we can.  I'm looking forward to making this house a home...or you know, something not so sterile!

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