Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Look Back...and Some Party Planning

We have been sick for almost 2 weeks's like a bad house guest that eats all your food and uses up the hot water.  It has GOT to go.  I'm stripping all the beds and cloroxing the entire house to feel like I have any sort of control over it.

I am in definite need of some cheering up today so I started looking at the pictures from the kids past birthday parties.  They make me happy as it is one of my favorite things to do as a mom.  Here are some pictures to make me feel better (and makes me excited for the parties this year!).

Our son's first birthday party we decided to do a construction theme, mainly because I saw a cake I loved and we have access to a lot of stuff to go with it.
The picture on the invite...
 The favors...

 The cake...

 All the kids decorated hard hats...
 And played hard hat ring toss...
The birthday boy...he has grown so much over the past year. Our entire house was packed up during that party as we moved out in the next 2 weeks. That was the last get together we had at our beloved first home.

Next up was my girl's 3rd birthday party.  She told me she wanted a pink, blue, and Cinderella party.  Uhh, ok?  I could do that.  Thanks to Target and the Internet (how did I ever live without Google Images?) I think I pulled it off!  This was held in my parent's back yard.

The table and cake...

Our guest, Princess Amerah, who the girls were completely mesmerized by came to tell a story and sing some songs.  I was a little worried about this but it was so worth the money I spent (I asked her to do a half hour session instead of her usual hour minimum, which I'm so glad she was willing!). I highly recommend her.

I had no idea these rock candy suckers would be the hit of the party...they were of course pink and blue.

She keeps saying she wants a pink and blue birthday this year. Wish me luck on convincing her it's time for something different!
The 36th AVENUE

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  1. The sickness thing seems to be going around in our house too! I know what you mean, but just wanting to get over it! Your parties are just too darn cute!!! I love your son and daughter's birthday cakes. Did you make because they are the best:)