Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Your Thoughts

A few discussions we've had at our house lately-nothing too serious of course, but I'm wondering what others think:
  • The hubs and I have actually discussed this for years.  When you hand wash dishes do you use hot or cold water?  I've always washed (especially rinsing) in hot hot water.  My hubby says the temperature of the water doesn't matter because the soap is what gets them clean.  I will catch him rinsing in cold water and have a bit of a freak out.  So does it really matter?  Does the hot water help get dishes a little bit cleaner?  Please tell me yes. :)
  • Do you give gifts at every holiday?  I feel like the situation has gotten out of hand--there are lots of small goody gift ideas on Pinterest for every holiday of the year.  But I am not giving gifts for President's Day, St. Patrick's Day, etc.  Sure I might color our pancakes green that morning, but I have got to draw the line somewhere.  Otherwise the kids expect a gift just because it's the third Tuesday of the month.
  • After months and months of no TV at our house (except for Netflix streaming through our Wii) we have finally gotten a hold of a digital converter and antennae.  Any shows I should be watching on regular network television?  I feel lost when I turn the TV on and don't recognize any shows!  Except The Biggest Loser, so glad to have that back in my life.  It is so great for motivation.  Oh and America's Next Top Model's my one guilty pleasures all right? :)  I'm excited for Kelly Cutrone as a new judge.  Love that woman and how brutally honest she is.  Maybe I don't need show recommendations...
Happy Leap Day!  Should I have gotten you a gift?


  1. as i am totally not serious, i love this post.

    of course you need hot water! your husband might find this ( enlightening, especially step 5.

    oh gosh no. i'm not even sure i'll do green pancakes. it's just overkill.

    please please please watch "the middle" on wednesdays (today!). so freaking hilarious. of course "modern family" but that might conflict with top model (which is also a very guilty pleasure of mine--we should commiserate about it).

    1. Erin, that article is perfect. I will show it to Mark tonight! I knew hot water was better.

      Glad to have someone to talk to about ANTM, there really is no one else in my life that can tolerate it. :) We will definitely try The Middle--I've actually seen one episode of that and it was hilarious. I believe Modern Family is on Netflix and I've been meaning to start into its first season. I'll get on that.

    2. Who knew there were so many steps to dish washing? lol that is awesome.

    3. Yeah, that article is a bit (but just a bit) ridiculous. Pretty much all of wikihow is ridiculous, but if it helps the husband use hot water, then ridiculous it shall remain.

      I didn't get to watch last night's ANTM yet, but it's on tonight's docket. Chuck is gone and he probably couldn't be happier to miss it!

    4. Re: ANTM: So I'm a bit perturbed by the whole Brits Vs. Yanks thing (ugh that is so obnoxious). I am not one to love the drama and of course the producers did this to ensure more of it. Case in point, the runway show. My favorite part of this show is the photo shoots, and this one was totally lame. I hate when they dress up like celebrities. Then what they do is either tell them they didn't embody the character enough, or they didn't model enough. I don't have a favorite model yet, but there are some I can't wait to go home. Glad they kept the Scot, she's fun to listen to.
      See, I have a problem. I bash the entire show, and yet I watch it.

    5. Oh gosh. I'm totally with you. Do we really need added drama? This is a show with 14 young women. C'mon. Lame. And I also agree about the photoshoot. I mean, celebrities on a tramp?! How are they expected to do anything except jump? Those who got a good shot got it out of luck, in my opinion.

  2. Chris has researched it and you don't have to have hot water to make it clean. But I prefer hot water because it feels gross without it! Also, I give gift only when I feel like it and that's it.

  3. I'm sure you could get by with cold water, but I've got to think that hot is much better. Heat is a sterilizing agent, right? Jordan and I agree on this--only his hands are able to withstand a higher degree of heat than mine. Hot water all the way.

    I watch way too much television these days while I'm feeding the babe. Network shows I watch are Bones, Castle, and Grimm. White Collar is our current favorite on Netflix.