Friday, March 2, 2012

Pinterest Test Kitchen Part 2

Some more recipes I've tried from my Recipes folder on Pinterest.

  • I've seen these lemon crinkle cookies floating around Pinterest and I just had to add my two cents about them.  I personally love them.  As weird as it sounds they are refreshing.  However, I took these to a party once and literally NOT A SOUL touched them. Except the bees.  I guess they aren't big party pleasers (or hubby pleasers, or kid pleasers).  More for me I guess!
  • Last time I tried a white chicken chili that was not my favorite.  Erin was kind enough to send me a link to her chili and so we gave it a try.  We loved it!  Easy and came together quick. 

  • Creamy lemon chicken spaghetti from Paon Blanc's Kitchen: This recipe was pretty good, and I do think I would make it again.  I didn't have all of the ingredients and used milk instead of heavy cream (gasp!) but the flavor overall was very good.  Mine came out pretty dry so I need to figure out what I did wrong on this one.
  • Egg muffins from Kalyn's Kitchen:  I made these for my hubby to take as a quick grab-n-go breakfast before work.  He said they are pretty good and liked them.  The only problem was I used paper baking cups instead of the silicone muffin tin and they stuck really bad to the paper.  So I might invest in the silicone before I make these again.  And fortunately it's not a huge investment, you can get them for pretty cheap.

  • Microwave Chocolate Cake from Catch My Party.  This was pretty good.  If you aren't careful it could be really rubbery, but it's really easy and quick if you need a chocolate fix (which I do quite often). I recommend it.


  1. Weird about noone touching your lemon crinkle cookies. My friend made some for YW in Excellence and everyone loved them. Maybe because there were too many choices? I love them!

  2. i totally would have touched those cookies, just so you know. and glad you liked the chili.

  3. Hi Amber! These all look great! Thank you for linking up to my Pinterest Party! I am following you now and gave your post a pin! Hope you get some traffic! Susie

  4. I love those lemon cookies. I was desperate to try making them the other day, but I didn't have a lemon. Bah.

    I love these reviews. It's great to know someone you trust has already tried a recipe.

  5. I think the lemon crinkle cookies sound SO delicious! maybe they weren't touched b/c people can't see chunks of chocolate oozing out of them...I would have grabbed a few;)