Monday, June 11, 2012

Motivating Monday

As I mentioned yesterday we are headed to paradise for a much needed getaway (with no kids!  for 7 days! and it's hardly costing us a thing--thank you Dad, and Heidi & Jason!).  We leave in August, so the other day I got out all of my swimming suits to survey what items I might need.  Talk about a motivator!  Trying these things on is scary--and not just because I'm paler than a ghost.  I'll have to try them on every few weeks (and probably actually wear them out in public as it is summer) to remind myself why I'm working extra hard.  Here's to bikini bodies!  (ha, not). Here's my summer workout schedule:

Biggest Loser Workout DVD

Running with Couch to 10k app
or Nike Training Center App:
Get Lean Workout and Abs workout

The Firm Express Cardio DVD Workout

Running with Couch to 10k app
or Nike Training Center:
Get Lean Workout and Arms or Legs toning

Jillian Michaels

Running with Couch to 10k app

Ideally I'd like to run 3 days a week, but my hubby leaves so early in the morning that I usually only get to do it when he has Saturdays off.  I'm hoping I can find a used double jogging stroller so I can go whenever I want, but until then I'll have to use my Nike Training app.  Even though I hate having to look on my tiny iPod to do this program, I highly recommend it.  Almost every time I've worked out with this thing I am sore for DAYS.  With moves like this you can see why:

Happy Monday!


  1. Well, I def feel like I need to work out after reading this! I like to mix it up too or else I get bored fast!

  2. You can do it!!! And don't forget to apply sunblock this time ;)