Sunday, June 10, 2012

DIY Bench Seat

Remember the bench seat over our fireplace from this post?  Well my hubby finally had a weekend off to work on it.  And with the kiddos feeling better (after almost 2 weeks, eek!) I knew we could get it done.  I love productive weekends!  Here's what we did:
If you'll remember the seat is a very long diamond shape so we measured a few times and then drew it up on our MDF board.
Then it was time to cut.

Then we cut our 2" foam to the same size as our board and glued it down (just so it would be easier to keep in place while covering it with fabric).  Covering this thing was a lot more challenging then we had anticipated.  The corners were so difficult and I did not want it to look wrinkly and ugly (which is why I got no pictures of this part!) so it took us awhile.  After working with it and trying different folds and tucks, we used our trusty staple gun to keep in all in place.  Here's how it looked before:
And after!  
I love it!  Now how do I keep the kiddos from ruining it?  I got the fabric here

Time to start accessorizing the mantle.  

p.s. Erin commented that I should do something for myself after my kids get better.  You know, to reward myself for taking care of them. ;) So I did.  We booked our trip and I CANNOT wait.  64 days and counting!!


  1. haha. i was going to comment even before the shout-out. the bench looks so awesome. i believe the corners were hard, but you made them look great.

    and i totally don't remember saying that, but it sounds just like me. congrats on the trip!

  2. OMG I love it Amber!!!!! Well done. For real I fee like clapping. :) Can't wait to see it in person.