Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Some Recipes and Father's Day Weekend...3 days later

We had such a nice relaxing weekend that I'm not quite ready for a new week (and it's already Wednesday!).  Saturday we went to Country Fest for the town I grew up in (rides, cotton candy, and fireworks) and the kids had a ball.
Even though my Dad is far far away, I had fun spoiling my hubby and father of my children on Father's Day. First we started with PB&J French Toast, sausage, and eggs.

You guys. You HAVE to try this. So so good. Recipe here, but basically make a peanut butter sandwich, dip it in egg mixture, cook, and top with fruit or jam, syrup and whipped cream.
Then later for dinner we had steak kabobs and peanut sauce.  Recipe here.  Are you seeing a theme?  I am absolutely obsessed with Sarah Carey's daily video series.  In the first week I started getting her videos I did 3 of the 5 recipes.  I love them because they are delicious, simple, and not perfect, as is Martha's usual shtick.  Sarah's funny and easy going.  You will love her. Go sign up for her daily emails you will not regret it!  Here is her next recipe I want to try:

For dessert we had oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies. Whoa. Those things are GOOD. But eat more than one and you might regret it, they are so rich! The recipe is from Picky Palate.

Photo from my Instagram account.  Follow me @ ambermomof2.

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