Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Last year I decided to do monthly resolutions.  Each month I would try to accomplish something different and then at the end of the year feel like a super woman.  Then we sold our house, moved, built a house, and moved into that house.  I didn't do horribly, but for the most part resolutions went out the window.  This year I decided NO resolutions (well except for the one about controlling my anger), however there are things that I would like to do.  So for 2012 I want to:
  • Read more.  My sister in-law just lent me this,

 and said I HAD to read it.  It took me 2 weeks to even pick the book up, but once I did I could not put it down.  It was such a quick read and the whole time I was dying to know what would happen next (so excited for the movie in March!).  Up next I want to read the other 2 books in this series, along with The Help and Tina Fey's Bossypants (I've been dying to read this one for some time.  The woman is hilarious).  Any other book recommendations would be welcomed!
  • Be more patient and play more with my daughter.  Yes, she is so difficult sometimes I want to jump out the window.  But I have got to be more patient with her, no matter how difficult she is.  She cries and cries over every little thing, and where I used to get upset at her and tell her how not to act, or put her in time out, I am going to take the advice of my cousin and just show her love.  It sounds so simple.  And I feel like such a bad parent for not having used this tactic most of the time.  That's what new beginnings are for though, right?  I have taken this different approach a few  times already and the results have been awesome.  Also, I told myself that every time she asks me to play, read, etc. I am going to drop what I am doing and oblige her.  This has also happened a couple of times just in the past 3 days, and every time I wanted to make an excuse as to why I would have to read or play with her later.  I'm shocked at how much I brush her and her brother aside.  I'm going to try really hard not to do that anymore.
  • Lose 10 pounds.  Because it wouldn't be January if I didn't want to lose some sort of poundage.  
And now that I'm finished with this it looks like a list of resolutions.  Man I hate that word.


  1. Showing them more love is really easier said than done, you're not alone Amb! But it's amazing at how much more effective it is than anything else. :) You're a great mom.

  2. Amber, I can't believe you are just finishing The Hunger Games. Hallelujah.

    You're a great mother. I think this new goal is wonderful, and I'm taking it to heart for the future.

    I always support a fitness goal. That said, you are looking fantastic these days. I'm already green with envy.