Friday, January 13, 2012

DIY: Kitchen Cabinet With Wrapping Paper

I am determined to get organized this year.  And not just organized, but pretty organized.  Now remember, we only moved in a month and a half ago...but this is how the cabinet above our computer desk looked:

Wow, embarrassing!  We literally were just chucking stuff in there daily, and I was not pleased with where this cabinet was headed: permanent junkville. So when I saw Jen's cabinet from TT&J and how she revamped it with wrapping paper, it gave me the jump start to dig in and clean this thing up.  The other night I won a new roll of wrapping paper at my bunko group so it was perfect!  I started by clearing the whole thing out, and then just stuck the paper up with Loctite.  I had a couple of Target gift cards leftover from Christmas so I picked up all of my baskets there.  Here's how it turned out:

Can you not hear heavenly angels singing??????  AHHH, I love it.  Even the hubs (who is not impressed by a dang thing) was like "Wow, can you do that to all of the cabinets?"  Ahem, yes I can.  And seriously go to Target right now, they have the cutest baskets.  The blue ones also come in red, green, and black.

Thanks for the inspiration Jen!  Can't wait to tackle the pantry, the linen closet, and the kids closets.

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  1. holy looks awesome! come do mine.

  2. Amber, this is absolutely incredible. I'll bet you just feel happy everytime you open that door. Fantastically well done.

  3. Love this project! You should share it with my readers @ thrift[me] blog:


  4. That looks so amazing Amber! You should see the hot mess that is my pantry! I'm gonna have to do this, then I won't feel like a hobo every time I leave the door open!!

  5. I love it! Someday, when our house is finished, I'll do mine!

  6. Its so pretty! Love the paper paired with the bins! :) the before and after is astonishing! xoxo! Jen

  7. Adorable! I am going to try this in my cabinet-- I bought some gorgeous black and white wrapping paper from Hobby Lobby on clearance from Christmas. What a great use for it!